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Nick Jasenovec is a Director who’s not afraid to test creative limits. Experimentation of ideas - the quirky, the absurd and the downright hilarious - can be expected on a Nick Jasenovec set, always with a generous dose of humour.

His debut feature film “Paper Heart” won the hearts and minds of audiences - and awards. As did his documentary short “Para Fuera” which premiered at Sundance. So with a Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award, Cannes Silver Pencil and Young Director Award to his name early on in his career, Nick ventured into directing for TV and Commercials.

His television credits include shows for HBO and Comedy Central, directing episodes of “New Girl”, “Last Man on Earth”, “Broad City” and “Do You Want To See A Dead Body”. He has worked on commercials for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Google, Nike, Axe, ESPN, AT&T, YouTube, Ford, EA, Sony Playstation, FedEx and Microsoft, and directed A-list talent across these campaigns, such as Kobe Bryant, Kanye West, Ryan Reynolds, Rebel Wilson, Richard Branson and Aziz Ansari

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